help2read Founder Wins SA Chamber Business Award

We are thrilled to announce that our Founder and Chairperson, Alex Moss, was honoured with the Lifetime Giving Back Award at the annual SA Chamber Business Awards 2017.

Who Is Who In Literacy – Meet Breadline Africa

A lack of proper infrastructure and access to books are two major contributing factors to the literacy crisis in South Africa. Thankfully, there are organisations around the country that are dedicated to creating safe, educational spaces where children can not only access books, but fall in love with reading.

Collaborating For The Love Of Reading

At help2read, we are committed to building a strong collaborative movement to eradicate illiteracy in the next generation. To this end, we are delighted to have secured funding to implement a collaborative effort with Nali’Bali that will see help2read Literacy Tutors trained and supported to add FUNda Leadership…

Literacy Day Breakfast 2016

High levels of literacy are essential for economic growth, prosperity and the sustainability of democracy and will ensure the sustainability of stability and society. So said Mondli Makhanya in his presentation to the more than 120 stakeholders who came together this Literacy Day to talk about the importance of literacy to democracy and prosperity in South Africa.

Celebrating Mandela Day at Bergville Primary School

Mandela Day at help2read is about doing more of what we do best: spreading our love of reading and strengthening our fight for literacy.

Gratitude and thanks from the Western Cape Education Department

help2read’s 10th anniversary is marked by the warm thanks and gratitude expressed by all its schools. We are especially grateful to have been recognised as an important contributor to the education of South Africa’s primary school learners.

Commemorating 10 years of work and the women behind it

help2read came about because at the end of the last century I was inspired by Nelson Mandela’s amazing achievement and believed, as he did, that there can be no true democracy without education and no education without literacy.

10,000 children in 10 years – preparing for 50,000 in the next decade

It all started with a girl and her dog! Just over 10 years ago Marielle Moss and her dog Maya laid the foundations for help2read, recruiting the first six volunteers who provided reading help and literacy skills development to Grade 3 and 4 learners at Muizenberg Junior School in the Western Cape.

A Great Big Give is helping thousands of South African primary schools receive the gift of reading

help2read’s 2015 Big Give Christmas Challenge proved to be a huge success, setting the stage for the start of a phenomenal 10th anniversary year of impact in 2016.