7 Reasons why reading aloud is one of the best things you can do for your child

We’ve worked with thousands of children over the years, and we haven’t met one child that doesn’t love storytime. Reading books out loud makes stories come alive, and with the help of sound effects, actions and unique character voices, it’s no wonder that storytime is a favourite.

Reading For Meaning – The Master Key

We love seeing children gain confidence in their reading ability and develop a love for books. But we also know all too well that children won’t read for pleasure if they can’t understand what they read.

Matching Books To A Child

Beanstalk thinks about books and other reading materials in a way that’s a bit different to the traditional system of libraries. We try to think about the likely use of the material and not about classifying the type of material, where likely use is determined by children’s interest.

7 Ways To Spark A Love Of Reading

There’s a saying that goes, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”. We couldn’t agree more. Learning to read is a foundational skill. It is essential not only for success in school and beyond, but also for the development of our cognitive abilities such as reasoning and deduction.

Choosing the right books: Uncovering the motivation

Answers to the question “Why is reading so important to children?” are hardly difficult to come by: research abounds, governmental policy proliferates, and society long ago appeared to have reached a general consensus as to the importance of reading to a child’s chances of success in later life…

How one box connects children to a world of reading

Parents and teachers often ask us what kind of resources they should use to help their children or students learn to read. To assist, we thought we would share with you what resources we like to use in our literacy treasure chests, Book Boxes.